7.Int. faire for technical textiles

29. and 30 may 2018

Next station is the special exhibition "flexible.protect" and IP/privacy is participate.

The new exhibition area "flexible.protect" is about new textile solutions to protect people, nature, mobile and immobile goods.

See you there!


Maker Faire Chemnitz

I will exhibit at Makers Faire in Chemnitz. Come and join us ;)

"A festival for inspiration, creativity and innovation.

Maker Faire is a platform where makers can present their projects to a large audience, from hobby projects to prototypes.
The focus is on letting guests touch and try things out. The Faire offers many interesting activity stations, which are supplemented by fascinating presentations and workshops."



MDR um 4

"KLeidung gegen massen├╝berwachung"

Last week I had a special guest: Duy Tran from the german TV " MDR um 4".

If you are curious about "IP/privacy" and the coming soon crowdfunding campaign, you are welcome to watch the result.


Crowdfunding campaign

Collaboration with the foundernetwork SAXEED!

Since January 2018 I started to collaborate with the great Team of SAXEED. The idea is to start a crowdfunding campaign to support the further development of the project IP/privacy. The campaign will shown up as Konzept!ON campaign at https://www.startnext.com/de/pages/konzeption .

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                                                                                   Looking forward to have you as supporter :)


Open doors// AKS Schneeberg

"Design oder nicht sein"

Its a tradition at the first december weekend, the design school AKS Schneeberg open its doors for public. The latest studentprojects 2017 was shown up at a kind fashionshow under the rooftop of the building. Special guests was the german TV MDR Sachenspiegel, which recorded the fashionshow and interviewed Nicole Scheller about her project IP/privacy. 

Video starts at 8:28